The world of cryptocurrencies can be as lucrative as it is fascinating. The blockchain concept and its digital cryptographic applications are producing an era that—even in its early stages—seems likely to rival the evolution of the internet in its impact on society.


We regard cryptocurrencies as being in an early stage of a long-term major bull market. Therefore, in view of the associated volatility, crypto investments are probably best left alone (“HODLed” = Hold On For Dear Life). There is, however, also justification and strategies for taking some profits along the way.

Bitcoin is the largest and most visible crypto and appears to be the “safest” place to hold crypto investments intended for trading. (For other reasons, we consider Monero the best crypto asset to hold for safe, secure long-term returns.)

To help you understand, track and profit from cryptocurrencies we offer:

  1. A short “big picture” introduction
  2. Weekly market highlights, focused on bitcoin and published Fridays.
  3. Market parameters for potential trading: updated daily.
  4. An expanding catalog of important information, the “Cryptocurrency Handbook,” which is updated monthly.

Items 2, 3 and 4 are part of the cryptocurrency subscription we offer.