Asset Freedom IRA

Would you like to move Individual Retirement Account assets


gold and silver coins or bars in your possession


individual cryptocurrencies in your wallet


are unable to… because they’re not offered in your IRA?

There is a perfectly legal means for overcoming this dilemma.

Applicable U.S. tax and labor law allows a properly-structured IRA to:

  1. Buy and physically hold gold and silver bullion.
  2. Own real estate anywhere in the world.
  3. Physically hold foreign bonds and currencies.
  4. Hold stock certificates in operating companies.
  5. Lease equipment or buy property at foreclosure sales.
  6. AND, NOW .. you can also invest in, hold, and trade individual cryptocurrencies.

This technique involves conversion of a regular IRA into a “self-directed IRA” (SDI) and allows the owner to direct IRA asset transfer into a special LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). As the sole manager of the LLC, the IRA owner (you) can then invest IRA funds in a much wider array of assets than are available through an IRA located at a traditional brokerage house – while directly managing the assets yourself.


Here’s what you would need to do to effect this arrangement:

  • Rollover all or a portion of your current IRA to a custodian that allows and supports self- directed IRAs.
  • Hire an ERISA-qualified attorney to draft and obtain approval for a special ERISA-compliant LLC, of which you would be the manager.
  • Establish a bank account for your LLC and move rolled-over funds into the account.
  • Deploy LLC funds to acquire desired assets through venues you select.

Wayne Peterson, a Registered Investment Advisor for over 30 years, assisted a number of investment clients in moving assets into SDI’s. He also began leading investors into gold/silver bullion in 2002 and devoted an entire chapter of his book, “But What If I’m Right” to buying and holding precious metals. Wayne can answer your questions and help you determine if a self-directed IRA will work for you: contact him at [email protected].