Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

Escalating premiums for Affordable Care Act insurance, coupled with continued economic turmoil, have made the task of finding affordable medical care even more challenging for small business owners.

Wayne Peterson has been helping small businesses and family-owned business tackle these problems since passage of the ACA.He's compiled a free report to help you with cost-saving alternatives designed especially for small business.

Cost-saving Medical Care Alternatives for Small Business

Learn more about cost-saving medical care alternatives for your small business in Wayne Peterson's free report.

Need Help?

Wayne Peterson has been in the medical insurance business for 30-years and is licensed to help you directly if you’re located in Texas. If you operate out of Dallas, Austin or nearby locations, he’d be delighted to meet with you. If you are located outside Texas, contact the closest NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) office for a referral to an agent.

If you have questions that your current/local agent cannot answer, or just want to explore your current options, Wayne is available by telephone for limited consulting. Send an email to schedule an appointment: [email protected]