The monthly Financial Survivalist Letter relays critical information and techniques for preserving and increasing asset value through our increasingly-turbulent economic times. FSL incorporates fundamental and technical information, plus analysis from multiple expert sources, and focuses on the three asset categories for which we expect the most financial benefit, namely (1) U.S. blue-chip stocks; (2) precious metals; and (3) cryptocurrencies.

While minimizing U.S. and global political developments, FSL highlights (and hyperlinks) significant U.S. economic news and promising developments in the world of the future—into which each of us is irreversibly heading.

Subscribers also receive trading Alerts—issued when we make a trade in any of the three target markets—and occasionally when reader attention to an unfolding situation seems advisable.

Finally, our Cryptocurrency Handbook is provided to all subscribers, with anticipated quarterly updates. For individuals without current interest in cryptos this additional coverage may seem excessive, but may help their transition into the digital age—which IS WELL ON ITS WAY!

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If you are concerned with safeguarding your family and financial assets during the coming turbulent times, you can’t do better than arm yourself with Wayne Peterson’s insightful and fact-filled peek into the future.


​As always very thorough, thought provoking, provocative, insightful and encouraging!

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