Our Last Chance at True Freedom?

Our Last Chance at True Freedom?


part one of two

Human beings are born free, and their voluntary collaboration results in a stateless society. On the way to discussing how to return to that natural state, we need to review some important history.

There have been three great recorded attempts to live freely. The first took place in ~2000 BC with Abraham’s revelation that God does not control man: each person controls him/herself. Egyptian rulers squashed that idea, leading to the Exodus—and Moses’ production of the Ten Commandments as ideas about the true nature of individuals.

Jesus returned from an 18-year absence with ideas of responsibility, dignity, the power of individuals, and the concept of one God (which was already a part of Hindu philosophy). Jesus was crushed for speaking about the freedom of the individual, because it undermined state power… 300 years later the Roman empire was in control, along with the Christian church—which began directing the behavior and thoughts of man.

Following domineering authority imposed by the Roman Empire, Mohammed arrived in ~700 AD with the idea that people are free. Saracens (Arabian Muslims) picked up the Hindu idea of the number “zero”, in a discovery which ultimately resulted in algebra, chemistry, bridges, automobiles, computers and more.

Saracens travelling into Europe influenced Spanish and Portuguese leaders to sail west upon a round Earth. They brought the idea of freedom to the new world, influencing Thomas Paine, whose Common Sense focused on morality and maintained that we are created (not granted) with equality. Authority does NOT belong to government; rather, it is granted TO governments BY the people.

In America, an amazingly productive industrial revolution was unleashed after the Civil War, when freeing our slaves ironically created the need for labor-saving machinery. “Freedom was not only the right thing to do, but it’s also what works!”

Serious retrenchment of individual freedom in America began in 1913, when Woodrow Wilson became a Rothschild-Illuminati puppet and opened the door to globalism through the establishment of income tax and the Federal Reserve. U.S. involvement in World War I quickly followed, in 1917.

Following WW I, America was dealt the Federal Reserve/bank-created 1929 market collapse, in which insiders shorted the market, then bought up stocks for pennies-on-the-dollar and established financial control. Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold in 1933 and put the nation on fiat paper currency (the value of which has since decreased by ~99%). With controls in place, WW II followed. Then in 1971, Richard Nixon stopped paying American foreign debt in gold.

But even after ALL that political sabotage, Americans still retained greater access to their natural freedom than any peoples on Earth.

Yet sadly, most U.S. citizens now believe they must submit to government authority for a common good. So once again we’re on the verge of losing this vision of consciousness, of prosperity, of security, of creativity that was infused into the western world … to the illusion of authority.

Make no mistake: the goal of global dominators is to squash this vision across the world for all of humanity except themselves.

With that as an introduction, welcome to the idea that we are now embarking on the 4th great attempt—and perhaps our last chance—at freedom. Freedom-aspiring individuals have one more opportunity to create a “decentralized non-aggression-based collaboration to restore wholeness and natural systems and thereby liberate humanity from the global domination agenda.” What does that entail?

The key principle needing to be re-applied to society is “voluntarism.” Voluntarism is an application of the “non-aggression principle”—which has been defined many times throughout history. For example, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others… (but NOT within the limits of any law.)”

History has shown over and over again that a country’s success is directly related to the degree of its freedom from government aggression. One shining historical example has been provided by Native American tribes, which honored the rights of each person and lived in harmony with nature and each other for thousands of years.

Other examples of successful results from economic freedom include Sweden, which rose over a 100-year period—with lower taxes than America and the rest of Europe—to become one of the top 10 economies in the world by 1950 … but then reversed its policies and headed back downhill. Hong Kong and Shanghai are other notable 20th century examples of the successful results of free societies. On a smaller scale, Craig’s list, eBay, Uber, and Yelp are recent examples of the spectacular prospects for business ideas not restricted by government controllers.

Keys to a successful society include (1) a profit motive and (2) a price mechanism. There’s no need for government redistribution of wealth; it’s the largest of the socialist lies. The most effective distributor of wealth is free market supply & demand. Today’s egregious economic disrupters include Universal Basic Income and the minimum wage. “Freedom works and collectivist slavery doesn’t.”

A few other points related to freeing society from oppressive governments:

  • A critical mass is required to achieve a stateless society, but not to benefit from it.
  • What’s needed is enlightened rule that a critical mass of participants agree with.
  • Government monopoly on force enables control of everything else.
  • Banks shouldn’t exist, unless they actually have the money they loan out.
  • Gold-backed credit cards already exist. Cryptocurrencies will continue to be fantastic assets.
  • In addition to people’s lives, ecosystems need protection—for they are the future.

The transition to a free society could theoretically be generated by:

  1. Enlisting the best of the compassionate left to help those who are most disadvantaged.
  2. Using money freed by cutting one-year’s U.S. military budget in half and abolishing the Federal Reserve (providing the resources to transition the entire world) to support conservative agendas (smaller government, sound currency, no foreign wars) espoused by individuals like Ron Paul.
  3. Moving to voluntarism: no one will want to keep government doing anything.

The choice we are facing—right now—is not far removed from two extremes:

  • Utopia (global human individualism) or
  • Oblivion (total global domination)

We are meant to thrive.

Next week’s blog will dive into solutions.

This article was condensed from Thrive’s 2/6/2021 two-hour Freedom Portal—a forum in which Foster Gamble presents 2–3 outstanding programs each month on topics of high interest to humanity. Foster’s mission is to assist individuals to regain true freedom here and around the world. I share his enthusiasm and am lending my support to this approach to restoring individual sovereignty here and abroad.

(Wayne Peterson publishes this blog weekly at his website.)

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