Deep State Discloses Post-Election Plans

Deep State Discloses Post-Election Plans

Spurred by the prospect of no longer having to deal with Donald Trump’s “America First” policies, movement to digital currency (DC) and a cashless world is accelerating in Europe, Canada and China. DC will allow offshore and private money to be hunted down for taxation, while allowing governments to track and control citizens who spend it. It’s also officially part of the World Economic Forum’s agenda for 2030—with the endgame being a single digital “World Currency,” the surrender of all cash, and an ability for this unelected group to take control of America as they did in Europe.

ThriveOn has identified a number of other globalist targets, including: destruction of small businesses, RFID chips in everyone, forced global vaccination, imposition of total surveillance, a ban on freedom demonstrations, depopulation, UN global control of healthcare, enforcement of UN Agenda 21/30 and elements of the communist Green New Deal—including “fighting” climate change (a natural process). Thrive’s Foster Gamble also reported that the White House has been working on thousands of projects with the eastern Dragon Alliance, work that will end if Biden takes over.


President Trump is an international target; he stands almost alone among leaders of major nations in stifling a radical globalist restructuring of society. Trump wasn’t supposed to be in power and globalists are expressing relief that they may have been successful in defeating him for reelection. “Trumps defeat can be the beginning of the end of the triumph of far-right populisms,” claimed Donald Tusk, former president of the European Council.

Own nothing. That’s one of the offhand comments of Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is pushing the so-called “Great Reset,” using the exaggerated response to COVID as an excuse to “reevaluate … long-held values.” The deep state doesn’t care how many people are impoverished or die as a result. Schwab thinks you’ll be happy to “own nothing, rent everything.” (seriously)

A (WEF) white paper warns us what the world it envisions would look like in 2030 – and it’s horrifying for 80%+ of the surviving population. Breaking human contact through masking and separation is just the beginning. Population reduction will follow. The WEF also published two articles which explored how people could be conditioned to eating bugs and weeds and drinking sewer water to reduce CO2 emissions.

With Trump out of the way, an “Iron Curtain” is envisioned, when supposedly private enterprises (i.e., Big Digital) mutually inter-penetrates with—and then claims—the State. Tech CEO’s like Zuckerberg and Dorsey see themselves as higher elite leadership, shaping and directing the future of the U.S. They are supplementing and continuing work begun by the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger, now being carried forward by Bill Gates, George Soros and others. Gates is known to have a strong interest in eugenics.

COVID was a first step and controllers are reportedly amazed at how well masking and separation has worked; one conclusion from this development is that the general populace will be very easily controlled, especially when they are hungry.

Governments have begun using the military to control people. France withdrew troops from Iraq “to fight COVID” and Canada is calling in its military to help with COVID vaccine distribution. The U.S. Third Circuit Court just ruled that a non-violent tax conviction can result in the denial of gun ownership.

Martin Armstrong’s Socrates is predicting that the globalist plan to create a future world, stripped down to robots and a few human slaves tending to the rich/influential will be UNSUCCESSFUL. But until that becomes evident, we appear headed down a very rough road.

Government has gone way beyond what the founders intended for America.

What can we do?

Pay attention to what’s really going on. There are many good sources of information. Here are five: Thrive, Martin Armstrong, Jordan Peterson and Peter Turchin, who in 2010 predicted serious unrest beginning around 2020 that would last 10 years and potentially involve civil war. Armstrong has been projecting a 12-year decay, to 2032. Finally, David Icke’s videos have always been thought-provoking, although a little “far out,” even for me.

Truthful media is breaking ground: Newsmax, America’s Voice, OAN and others are worth your time, if you’re looking for the truth.

Realize that we’re not stupid… contrary to what globalists think.

Support massive civil disobedience – the sooner begun, the better.

Tune in to the explosion of evidence of the desire for freedom, which is kicking in around the world. This Jon Rappaport segment includes video of a successful pushback against tyrannical government action: (go to 7:30 of the hyperlinked video and watch one group of freedom-lovers in Buffalo, N.Y. deal with deep-state representatives). People are increasingly ignoring Coronavirus restrictions. The desire for freedom is awakening people to save humanity.

Several years ago I wrote a book in anticipation of the world we now seem to be entering. But What If I’m Right? contains a huge number of ideas and strategies for coping and many hyperlinked resources.

For me, government attempts to impose further restrictions on my loved ones are unacceptable. We are higher life forms living a physical life of our choice, for specific purposes. We are not here to be controlled by unelected humans (such as monarchies). What happened to our Constitution?

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