Take Me to Your Leader – 2020 edition

Take Me to Your Leader – 2020 edition


We’re being “treated” to the most intriguing display of political strategy and power since the 1860’s Civil War and perhaps the most important since the founding of the United States 230 years ago. Instead of fighting over slavery, we’re fighting for our right to survive as a republic.

The stakes could not be higher: are we going to preserve some semblance of individual liberty, or allow ourselves to be swept into Orwell’s omnipresent government-controlled one-world order? This article outlines the process in play, with a focus on three dates:

  1. On December 14, Electoral Colleges meet formally in each state to publicly cast votes for President and Vice President. State Electors retain the ability in some states to vote against their delegation.
  2. On January 6, each state will provide its vote in a public roll-call in the U.S. House of Representatives. An entire state might at this point object, interrupting the proceedings.
  3. If the dispute isn’t settled by January 20, the House Speaker (Pelosi?) becomes interim president.

If enough Electors—upset by disclosures (see below)—defect from Biden (who has 290 electoral votes) to push Trump from 232 to 270, Trump could win. 21 states do not have legal control over its Electors, and penalties from the 29 that do are not severe enough to keep someone with a conscience from flipping. But blue states can be sure to select their Electors carefully.

Sworn affidavits and class-action lawsuits have poured in, triggering recounts in PA (20), MI (16), WI (10), NV (6) and AZ (11). GA (16) is conducting a complete recount.

Millions of votes appear to have been switched from Trump to Biden; hard evidence already exists for 500,000 of them. Dominion’s voting machines have been specifically tagged for flipping votes (whistleblowers allege Dominion software stole 38 million votes)!

Legal sleuth Sidney Powell, now working for Trump, confirmed that she and Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood have evidence “coming in through a fire hose” and are “getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states.” Batches of ballots were turned in with 60% having the SAME signature; one worker witnessed a batch of ballots scanned 5 times; Republican observers were not allowed near counting tables: Democrats issued a packet entitled “Tactics to Distract Republican Challengers.” And so on…

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and Justice Department have opened investigations into the actions of Joe and Hunter Biden. Among other issues, Americans are being awakened to Biden pay-to-play schemes. (It is possible for Biden to take office with a criminal investigation hanging over his head.)

An enormous amount of evidence favorable to Trump has come in, but can it be acted upon within the available window of time? Georgia’s full recount is a short-term milestone. With unemployed Hollywood celebrities getting in the act, the worst outcome for America would be Democrats winning BOTH Georgia Senate seats.

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz thinks Trump may, instead of trying to win an outright majority of 270 electoral votes, be trying to convince states to refuse to certify enough results to deny Biden 270 votes. In that case the election would be sent to the U.S. House, where each state would get 1 vote. The GOP holds a 26-23-1 state delegation majority in the House. Interestingly, this tactic was employed in three 19th century elections, including in 1824. … but whether it will work in the 21st century is unclear.

Beyond that, we can imagine two potential developments:

  1. this election will most likely end up in the Supreme Court, which contains 3 recent Trump appointees, and
  2. regardless of the winner, we’re likely to experience chaos on the streets, civil war between supporters of Freedom-and-Authoritarianism, martial law and even economic collapse.

Newt Gingrich observed that if the Dems take office and Pelosi and Biden prove overly-radical, their party will get “wiped out” in the 2022 mid-term election. He cited GOP House mid-term victories during the first terms of both Clinton and Obama. Most House Democrats know this, hence might be expected to moderate their behavior accordingly.

Globalists including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, George Soros and many others have been frustrated with U.S. independence and power. They see this as their first real chance in 200 years to change the foundational structure of America and should be expected to press any advantage they can establish.

Freedom-loving Americans should be prepared to respond. Thomas Jefferson observed that his new country probably needed a revolution every 20 years to remain free.

(Wayne Peterson publishes this blog from time to time at his website.)

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