Coronagate – Part 1, the Shutdown

Coronagate – Part 1, the Shutdown

The COVID-19 (“C-19”) virus originated in Wuhan, China, where the first network employing 5G technology recently became fully operational. Dr. Thomas Cowan speculated that the virus is a result of exposing human organisms to this new electromagnetic energy, noting that the Spanish Flu in 1917 and the 1968 Hong Kong Flu epidemics occurred under similar circumstances—following introduction of radio and radioactive satellites, respectively.

Dr. Cowan noted that 5G is a “water destructuring” technology, marking a quantum leap in electrification of the Earth—capable of poisoning cells. He adds that susceptibility to Coronavirus may be directly proportional to the amount of metal in your body and the quality of water in your cells. Cowan ended a C19 presentation by characterizing the effect of 5G on humanity as a “quantum leap in electrification of Earth” and an “existential crisis the like of which has never been seen … unprecedented.”

Adding his voice to the many physicians questioning why the world is being shut down over what is little more than the common cold, Dr. Ron Paul is calling for an end to this “self-destructive hysteria” and a halt to the shutdown. The actual number of C-19 cases is highly questionable, as documented in this YouTube video compiled by Dana Ashlie from “citizen reporters” around the country, showing empty hospital admitting areas.

Although it’s too early to assess the long term net effect on human health, C-19 has to date produced far fewer deaths than previous flu strains … and 75% of American C-19 patients had other health problems. It also appears that there are “no reliable tests for a specific C-19 virus.”

A “cure” has already surfaced: hydroxychloroquine (or “Plaquenil”), in use for 100 years to deal with malaria, has been endorsed for C-19 by 37% of 6200 physicians in 30 countries.

Since we’re currently seeing more deaths by suicide than from this virus, why are we having to cope with absurd, hysterical governmental edicts and control measures?

Weaponizing annual flu. Nothing that has physically occurred has justified actions taken by the Trump administration and Congress; nor do they have legal authority to shut down American life. That privilege is reserved for the state and local governments that formed the federal government. I am among the many Trump-supporters wondering why he is playing along … and viewing Ron Paul’s call for an Easter termination to the shutdown as a litmus test for the President.

Millions of people have been seriously harmed, with about one in five people in the United States having already lost working hours or a job. People with low incomes have been hardest hit, and some of the job losses are permanent. Many small businesses are going to have to just quit.

It appears likely that this forced shutdown of the world economy will see a collapse in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) far worse than the 4.3% of the 2007-09 financial crisis… perhaps more like the 30% drop of the Great Depression. Unemployment figures for the two eras were under 10% and over 20%.

This unprecedented power play is being led in the U.S. by mainstream media and the Democratic Party, both of which appear willing to push the American economy over the edge if necessary to replace the President in November. Rank and file Dems may think this is about reelection, but leaders know it’s about globalism. Which brings us to Bill Gates…

Rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to C-19, Gates and colleagues are attempting to create a vast, hugely expensive new system to sell billions of test kits, antivirals and vaccines … which can then be resold when the virus reappears in a few months. That’s the money side of it.

Gates’ point man in Washington is the NIH’s Anthony Fauci, recent recipient of $100M from the Gates Foundation. Yep, same guy that speaks with authority alongside Trump (bothersome). Fauci recently told CNN that Trump’s optimism is misplaced and the whole country should be locked-down.

Billionaire Bill’s well-documented second pandemics-related interest is in population reduction, and that is apparently also going to happen here to an extent—even if he doesn’t get his 10-week shutdown. What’s really different here is that the 2020 flu season is being used for political change.

Recent conspiracy-confirming news included encore appearances from a trio of globalist roaches:

  • Ex-UK PM Gordon Brown called for a “temporary” global government organization to “tackle C-19.”
  • A George Soros-funded group is asking governors to release as many prisoners as possible.
  • Henry Kissinger emphasized the need to safeguard principles of the liberal world order.

So far, the deep state is asking you to:

But Cheer Up! The silver lining is already in sight. The average American citizen is not going to be turned into a docile microchipped robot. Instead, America is going to rebuild.

Author James Kunstler, in this Max Keiser interview (starting at 12:00 in), tags the COVID-19 development as “THE MOMENT OF THE GREATEST UNCERTAINTY IN OUR LIFETIME.” Kunstler acknowledges that no one knows where we’re going, but believes “the potential is enormous.” We are being compelled to make different choices/arrangements and down-scaling our existence to fit available capital. Kunstler thinks that after a period of “considerable disorder at the front of dissolution … young people will have a tremendous opportunity to create new local businesses.”

Hard work and upright character will be required to “rebuild local connections/networks of production and interdependence, making/growing/distributing things,” downscaled to fit existing resources. His prophetic “Long Emergency” and “World Made By Hand” book series (4 books) provide amazing insight into the world we seem about to enter.

Part 2: The Revival… next week

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