Is 5G Linked to Coronavirus?

Is 5G Linked to Coronavirus?


Most readers will recognize the name “Wuhan, China” as ground zero from which the Coronavirus allegedly emerged. An interesting fact about Wuhan is that it is one of a number of Chinese cities in which 5G technology is installed. Wuhan became a fully functional 5G pilot city last fall, following the installation of 3000 macro base stations and 27,000 micro base stations.

This interesting video cites a number of incidents that points to a link between operational 5G and the Coronavirus. Narrator (and 5G-fighter) Dana Ashlie cites 60 Gigahertz (Ghz) as the frequency band employed by 5G, whereas its high-bandwidth territory includes a number of different bandwidths (24.25 to 52.6 and 64-86 Ghz). These “millimeter-wave” frequencies are the highest of the three band spectrums involved in a 5G system; lower and mid-range bands aren’t in question—at least, not yet.

Ashlie also cites factors that appear to challenge the assumption that we are dealing with a conventional virus. Such as victims having trouble breathing, coughing without any phlegm, or simply falling over.

Millimeter wave technology encompassed in 5G may be so potentially harmful to humanity that it should never be allowed to be deployed in the United States. Or it may be completely benign, as developers are attempting to assure us. But until testing has been conducted by an independent third party, I’m skeptical.

For readers who would like to dig deeper into COVID-19, or Coronavirus, I recommend recent articles posted by Jon Rappaport, a highly-regarded independent author who maintains that a “large collection of data on the Coronavirus suggests that the illness is harmless and that deaths are caused by 5G.” Articles posted at his website note that symptoms are mild outside of China, except for Italy and South Korea, which have been working on 5G implementation (and Iran, whose 5G exposure is unknown).

What is 5G? In the world of wireless communication and mobile phones, “G” stands for generation—an indicator of the age and capability of microwave networks.

“1G” was assigned to the first analog devices in the 1980’s, 2G added data to voice in 1993, 3G brought digital broadband and speed increments, and 4G launched in 2009 with very high speeds and real time streaming on wide band frequency.

We now have data transfer, texting, video streaming, global mobile multimedia and integrated wireless.

5G, however, is more than just another step. It can carry 100 times more data
(10 Gigabits/sec) than 4G, and its waves are “ultra high frequency” and “ultra high intensity.”

Why 5G is being rolled out is obvious. As technology evolves, we want to take advantage of it. So-called “smart” homes of the future, where everything is connected and appliances monitor their own well-being will benefit. So will self-driving vehicles and things like remote surgery. And oh yes, downloading movies and animations would be much quicker.

From a corporate viewpoint, it’s a potential $7 trillion industry. So telecom network companies like Verizon and Sprint and manufacturers including Samsung and Ericsson are intent on rolling out their 5G products as fast as possible, as the industry pushes toward connection by 2020 with approximately 21 billion “Internet of Things” items. China is already deploying 5G and Huawei had to be stopped by President Trump from establishing a 5G foothold here (they already have 4G systems in place).

What’s wrong with this?

Plenty. 5G technology has NOT been officially tested, despite strong indications that it could be harmful to humans. Consider:

  • Hundreds of respected scientists have sounded the alarm about effects on health. “Because 5G towers are going to be so powerful and so close together, it will essentially be like living in a closed radiation chamber 24 hours a day.” Health dangers are especially pronounced for children. This article contains a shocking 77 minute-long film entitled “5G Apocalypse.” Evidence of potential danger was highlighted recently by removal from school property of less dangerous 4G towers after students were diagnosed with cancer.
  • The American Cancer Society acknowledged the risk from exposure to existing (4G) RF energy technology. Regarding much more powerful 5G, Biochemistry Professor Martin Pall commented that rolling it out without any safety testing whatsoever “has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”… In 2011 the World Health Organization classified 4G wireless as a group 2B carcinogen. 5G is more than 100 times more powerful than 4G, and operates at frequencies used by the military for assault — similar to directed energy weapons.
  • Also recently, an informed United Nations employee asked the UN Secretary General to halt the deployment of 5G until appropriate testing has been conducted.

Since 5G is transmitted at a higher frequency, its waves are shorter-range, and easily absorbed by objects such as buildings and trees. Because of that, 5G cell towers (which are much smaller) will have to be positioned much, much closer together than before.

Tens of millions of new “fifth generation” cell towers will need to be installed every 500 feet on the streets of America … and coupled to 20,000 orbiting satellites to shoot beams of microwave energy at phones and other 5G-compatible equipment (new computers, automobiles, Wi-Fi hubs, etc.).

These millimeter wavelength beams of radiation will be strong enough to penetrate walls and human flesh, and change brain cells. So there is plenty to be concerned about. For your body, this could mean potential DNA single and double strand breaks, oxidative damage, disruption of cell metabolism, and more. Transmitters will transmit continuously.


Determine what the position of your local community leadership is on 5G. If leaders are concerned about allowing 5G to operate (at least unless and until appropriate testing is completed), see to it that the community signs onto this historic class action lawsuit. Represented clients already on this rapidly-growing list are shown near the end of the article.

The lawsuit became necessary because of action taken in a September, 2018 ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)—which is largely controlled by telecommunications industry insiders. The FCC preempted “local government authority” from interfering in a nationwide rollout. The lawsuit maintains that not only is the FCC’s attempted usurpation of municipal authority completely unconstitutional, it’s a flagrant violation of various federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances.

Verizon has turned on 5G transmitters in Minneapolis and Chicago, and Sprint will test its 5G system in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City and Los Angeles within the next few months… President Trump is very unfortunately treating U.S. 5G implementation as a technology competition with China. The apparent reason China has a head start is that 5G is a key component of its “Social Credit System,” which focuses on control—through social media, universal basic income and a cashless society.

If you live in or near a large city that is signing on to 5G, either leave ASAP or engage your local government—as this San Francisco neighborhood is doing… perhaps also citing steps being taken by Brussels, Belgium officials, whose Environment Minister Celine Fremault said “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.”

This action is not radical! What IS radical is turning high energy microwave radiation loose on the nation without a complete evaluation.

Microwave radiation from wireless phones is NOT SAFE for human brains – especially toddlers. If you think that microwaves are somehow safe for teenagers brains, consider the implications of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raising their kids tech-free.


If that’s not enough to stir you to action, consider that 5G operates in the same millimeter frequency range as the military’s Active Denial System (ADS)—which has been videoed in action, inducing burning sensations to control crowds … prompting admonitions that 5G is really an “advanced military-grade assault weapon in disguise that’s being implemented as a creative technology to control humanity… Not only could 5G invade every aspect of people’s lives, eliminating all privacy, but it is also capable of becoming the most health-destroying technology ever created.”

The government’s rationale for assigning priority to 5G is (1) because of its potential for the future of warfare; and (2) to cut off Chinese penetration in the United States, following its successful incorporation in Communist China.

The latter point reflects concern that China might “weaponize cities” if allowed to dominate U.S. 5G networks, linking billions of devices. And Huawei is here, now, with the technology.

This appears to be why the President is supporting a rapid rollout of U.S. technology. Even though it means connecting you and your toaster to the internet of things for potential monitoring.

So no one in D.C., including the President, is working for you. I’m hoping that Trump is simply unaware of the implications on American’s health of the push to 5G – and not complicit.

Gerald Celente, respected publisher of the

Trends Journal

—a publication whose business is researching and reporting on the impact of trends in the making—is extremely blunt on the subject of microwave signals in the community. His recommendations include:

  • “Don’t buy any wireless device or gadget. Especially anything “Smart.” Get rid of the ones you have. Demand and use wired systems.
  • Protest SpaceX (madman Elon Musk), OneWeb, Boeing, Amazon and any other entity involved in launching telecom satellites.
  • Display signs on your property to alert neighbors and passersby about the wireless grid that has been built and the 5G grid being built.
  • Organize local discussion groups to exchange information with others from your area. Refer them here and here.
  • Educate your local elected and appointed officials about the terminally pathological effects of 4G, and that therefore there should be no untested 5G. Refer them to the above-linked articles.
  • Don’t use WiFi for any reason. It's worse than cell phone radiation.”

5G rollout needs to be STOPPED. The time for action is NOW.

(Wayne Peterson publishes this blog weekly at his website.)

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      • Have you contacted the President regarding this 5G rollout? and are there any lobbiest out there who are on board with speaking out against this 5G technology that would speak out and fight to stop it? If not, then there is nothing that we can do, because there would be nowhere to run and hide from the effects of this 5G rollout. Even if you inform them, no one will listen and will call you “crazy”. This 5G technology sets the stage for the antichrist and the 7 years of tribulation. My hope is the Lord will soon remove HIS bride from this earth while the people who are left behind destroy themselves and this world.


      • Wayne Peterson

        Thanks for your comment, Kim. It is my opinion that President Trump is aware of this situation, but has not acted yet because he has larger issues to deal with at the moment. I’d expect him to act during his second term. Meanwhile, we can all bring the issue to the attention of local authorities and stop it at grass roots level. Not in my neighborhood!


    • North Italy had many infected people by covid-19…strangely, those dense urban centers are 5G intensive.
      Don’t get vaccinated to be protected from this virus, eat healthy (lemon, garlic, onions, chilly peppers, ginger, nuts, olive oil) and you’ll be fine. If you get infected and body temp rises, massage the upper body with alcohol drinks (whiskey, vodka) and senape oil twice a day for 15′, the temp will get normal. If you can’t breathe use those same ingredients to boil and breathe in the steam that comes out for 5′ 3-4 times a day. You’ll be fine.


    • Thank you Wayne. Everyone needs to check the shut down schools, as it was reported that while closed and no staff, they will deploy the 5 gen secretly inside, disguised as sanitizer crews. If true, this surely will be the apocalypse. Spain went full blown 5 Gen just recently in Madrid and other areas, now they are 4th most deaths already. Both Iran and S. Korea tried a limited method which failed in the Iran government buildings and the call centers in S. Korea. Iran and China have many ties to travel as well. The SARS2 or is it COv19, is born from the radiation changing the RNA within to become a super modified and weaponized virus and then it is spread transmittable from person to person. Everywhere 5 G goes, Corona/and or SARS2 goes. Northern Italy is saturated full spectrum 5 G. They can thank their friends in China and now the whole EU with England turns their 5 G on. Wake up people, we are being fried. Micro wave ovens or radar ranges work at 2.45 GHz. The 5 G mid-band cells, that are set up close to people, are 2.5 to 3.5 GHz and 3.7 to 4.2 GHz. The big boys on the cell towers, the MIMO 5G millimeter wave operate within 6GHz to 95GHz. Also there is the DAS direct antenna signals in the 800 to 1000MHz range, like on the call centers. No guarantees on this accuracy of info, but do your own research.


    • When you search the term 5G corona virus connections on ANY search engine, you get pages of MSM “debunking the conspiracy” articles with reassuring unscientific sheeple language and no real evidence, before you can find anything like this. So it looks like TPTB are desperate to hide what could be their secret WMD of us!
      From what I’ve read so far, It looks like 60GHZ is the likely culprit in that it resonates oxygen molecules to the point that our hemoglobin cannot latch onto them, so suffocating us. This would be rapidly fatal to anyone with a respiratory disease like Covid19. This frequency is also rapidly absorbed in the atmosphere by the O2 molecules, so making it useless over any distance, but particularly useful for short range point to point transmissions where this factor all but eliminates the problem of interference. For this reason it is being extensively rolled out in cities across the globe. No problem finding that when you search “5G 60GHZ” BTW.


    • This is an extremely interesting topic of conversation and although it is all very new to me, I’m a very fast learner. Now from what I have being both hearing and reading over the past few days, it seems that true 5G operates at approximately 60GHz.
      60GHZ according to many years of study, is the optimal frequency at which, by far, the greatest gaseous absorption of oxygen (O2) is achieved. The example that I came across, to help explain this was “the oxygen molecule (O2) absorbs electromagnetic energy at 60 GHz like a piece of food
      in a microwave oven”.
      Now taking all this into account, the question to be asked is, are the companies implementing 5G, actually really using 60GHz, or are they merely using a slightly higher frequency than the existing 4G, and then labelling it 5G?
      I am based in the UK and from what I have read, what they’re calling 5G is actually only operating at between 3.4 and 3.6GHz,
      “Across the UK the 5G networks will initially be launched on sub-6GHz frequencies, primarily between 3.4 and 3.6GHz (4G operates between 800MHz and 2.6GHz in the UK). The higher the frequency, the higher the carrying capacity – and therefore the speed of the network”
      So at this present point we’re operating a pseudo 5G, which I don’t think will ever reach 60GHz for some time yet…
      Do you know what frequency they’re using in Wuhan China?


    • Winsome Loraine Peter

      Thank you so much Wayne for this excellent article on 5G! Most of the other articles on the internet are denying that 5G has a very dangerous effect on us and say that these claims are not true. This is no doubt a cover up by the press and the media which refuse to accept that 5G is causing very serious illnesses, is messing up our brain chemistry and wiring, nervous system, oru body cells etc and of course causing other health issues. This cover up is because they dont want us to know the truth about this virus and why this time its different from the other viruses such SARS, H1N1, swine flu, bird flu etc I lived in China for close to 10 years- I know that the Chinese never give the truth and will never give the facts. Dr Li, the Chinese doctor in Wuhan, was the first to observe that something was different in this virus than other the viruses and he told his colleagues and friends on social media which was probably Chinese social media, about this. The police then arrested him, took him down to the police station and forced him to sign a document that his claims were false, which he did. He died from contracting the virus, from his patient so they say. So why was Dr Li arrested and threatened? I think he could have made the connection between the 5G towers, the radiation it emitts and the new virus he saw when people were admitted to the hospital with the symptoms. This is why he was silenced. I believe our world powers are not giving the public the whole truth. This 5G/virus is a lethal weapon is going to used for world domination and control – to control people’s movements, health, work etc and to control countries in terms of their economies. This is the ushering in of the new world order. They will insist on everyone getting a vaccine and they will insist on people getting a chip inside their bodies for the purpose of tracking the infection in people but will also be used to track every persons movements 24/7. .The stage is being set for the one world currency, and the new world order for world domination – already the technology is in place to monitor our locations and our information. The bible was right all along about everything it states in the book of Revelation and I believe we are seeing a fulfillment of this book in these end times, as the Christians call it.


    • Franc murphy

      I believe this is the preamble to the “mark of the beast”, my nana always talked about and prayed that I would never see it in my lifetime! She was wrong in that respect.


    • Wayne Peterson

      The best source I have found for what’s really going on is Martin Armstrong’s Socrates website, here:


  1. Vv Foxy YouTube

    Thank God some1 Who gets it. YouTuber HeavenLee Justice 04032020. Or You Tuber Vv Foxy 🙏👒🙏


  2. @Kim

    This comment is in response to Kim’s statements. The Lord Jesus is not coming back to save you or the Bride or the Christian church because Jesus does not exist. Jesus never historically existed. There is something we, humanity, can do to oppose these psychopaths like Elon Musk and Bill Gates and others who are responsible for this social engineering, alleged coronavirus pandemic, 5G rollout, destruction of the economic systems around the world, etc. The question is, Are you afraid of death? Because if you have fear, the fear alone will stop you from taking action against these psychopaths that want to control all of humanity and put us all in an even smaller bubble. Your Christian ideology has put you in a bubble where your entire world view is based on the bible. Think outside of that bible. Think outside your bubble.


  3. Investigate Royal Rife who found that frequencies can heal, They can also damage. Dependant on exactly what frequency, Especialy how much amplitude coud cause too much reductive power causing oxidative stress.


  4. Verified
    Microwave Frequency Mind Control
    Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the transfer of memories from short to long-term memory. Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the synapses of the brain. By interfering with the connections between brain cells, memory of people can be disrupted


  5. Journal Article
    Microwave Effects on Plasmid DNA
    The exposure of purified plasmid DNA to microwave radiation at nonthermal levels in the frequency range from 2.00 to 8.75 GHz produces single- and double-strand breaks that are detected by agarose gel electrophoresis. Microwave-induced damage to DNA depends on the presence of small amounts of copper. This effect is dependent upon both the microwave power and the duration of the exposure. Cuprous, but not cupric, ions were able to mimic the effects produced by microwaves on DNA.


  6. with the cronavirus right now are they going to stop 5g and is all the 5g in the world going to stop finally i dont like 5g i think it is the government trying to control us can you stop 5g in florida


  7. please stop 5g they are starting to set up 5g in the panhandle of florida can you stop them from putting 5g towers up in the panhandle of florida


  8. Start a protest such that we temporarily give up all wireless devices and only use land line connections for communication as we all did not that long ago. Advancement to 5G should only be through buried land lines
    and we must demonstrate our seriousness to achieve a safe environment. A protest rally chant to enable
    widespread awareness could be ‘Land Line Safety -No 5G- Chord of Life Safety -No 5G-


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