Shocking Border Statistics

Shocking Border Statistics


Think the president is exaggerating the severity of our border crisis? Review the statistics below--detailing the deterioration being inflicted on America through our porous southern border. These statistics were included in the president's January 4 appeal to Congress for bipartisan action.

  1. In 2018, 17,000 adults with existing criminal records were arrested by border agents.
  2. In 2017 and 2018, ICE arrested 235,000 aliens--already inside the U.S.--on criminal charges or convictions, including 100,000 for assault, 30,000 for sex crimes and 4,000 for murder.
  3. 60,000 illegal and inadmissible aliens a month arrive at our Southern Border.
  4. In December 2018 alone, over 20,000 minors were smuggled into the U.S.
  5. The immigration court backlog is approaching 800,000 cases.
  6. In 2017, less than 2% of the 135,000 illegal and admissible family units arriving from Central America were removed—due to a shortage of resources and loopholes in federal laws.
  7. So far in 2019, there has been a 280% increase in family units, over 2018.
  8. Drugs seized at the border from Jan-Aug 2018: 24 tons of Cocaine, 2.4 tons of Heroin, 140 tons of Marijuana, 33 tons of Methamphetamine and .7 tons of Fentanyl.
  9. 300 Americans die every week from heroin, 90% of which comes across the Southern border.
  10. Arriving migrants contain 50/day needing emerging medical care and 1 in 3 women who have been sexually-assaulted during the trip.

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