DEW Drops

DEW Drops


Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) may have added a new target type to its register: “community obliteration” … recorded in November in Paradise, California. The complete burn down (as part of the “Camp Fire,” in which 88 deaths were confirmed) of the community there is officially being blamed on PG&E, which as a result now faces bankruptcy (as does the State of California, following the cut off of FEMA disaster funds to cover losses from the fires).

Signatures observed by firemen on the ground in Paradise tell a very interesting story:

  • Warped and mangled steel, with every car scorched and every tire burned to oblivion.
  • Temperatures were hot enough to melt aluminum and glass, hence at least 3 times hotter (3900 F) than the average house fire (1300 F).
  • Metal burned, but carports, plastic trash cans and fences, trees and shrubbery were unaffected.
  • Anomalous scars riddled surrounding forests, as if they were scorched by a huge blowtorch.

Greg Reese, author of the above-linked excellent You Tube video reported that another video he made, potentially linking Paradise-destruction with Agenda 21, was taken down by You Tube (even as rumors about a high-speed railway and gold discovery were left swirling).

Alexandra Bruce reported in the aftermath that similar “strange anomalies” existed in fires in Santa Rosa (2017) and in the 2018 Carr fire, both also in California. If globalists are broadcasting an Agenda 21 message, it is that humanity needs to live in cities, so that forest areas can remain pristine.

In 2015, Lockheed demonstrated a precision laser beam developed for the U.S. Navy, capable of burning a hole in a truck one mile away, and destroying a moving target at sea.

The DEW granddaddy was of course 9-11. Many of the stories revealing the truth that proliferated across the internet have disappeared; one remaining example is here (James Corbett). Information from the Architects and Engineers (original You Tube video having been removed) makes clear that the destruction of WTC-7 was engineered, while extensive evidence obtained by Dr. Judy Wood concluded that WTC Towers 1 and 2 turned into dust as they fell. Wood’s conclusion was that a space-based directed-energy (particle beam) weapon was used to vaporize the Trade Centers.

DEWs are invisible, inaudible, and unaffected by gravity, wind and Coriolis forces. They travel with pinpoint accuracy at light-speed, with near infinite range, and can be land-based, or mounted on aircraft, drones, satellites or Boeing X-37’s.

This terrible weapon is in the hands of U.S. federal government and potentially other governmental powers, and is able to destroy objects with energetic beams from multiple platforms. As long as major media is “onboard” with coverups, DEW can and be used with impunity by the deep state—potentially with greater frequency as(if) Trump continues to make progress in draining the swamp.

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