Tax Reform With A Heavy Dose of SALT

Under the stigma of being tagged in 2018 as the most non-productive Congress of all time, DC reps are working hard to create and pass by Thanksgiving the biggest tax code rewrite since 1986. Tax changes and simplification are potentially huge, but details are being kept under wraps in hopes of staving off sabotage from a huge wave of lobbyists, determined to preserve loopholes that benefit their clients.

Voting for Independence

Having imprisoned two of Catalonia’s main separatist leaders, Spanish PM Rajoy announced plans to remove leadership and replace it with direct rule by the central government in Madrid. Defiant Catalan leader Charles Puigdemont told Catalans, Spaniards and the rest of Europe on TV that Spanish imposition of Article 155 is a “humiliation” and “the worst attack against the institutions and people of Catalonia since the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Bitcoin Running Wild

Against the sobering backdrop of daily life, Bitcoin (BTC) is lighting up the sky. After plunging 40% in September in reaction to Chinese market restrictions, BTC rebounded sharply, doubling over the past month to a new record high above $5800. Is Bitcoin in a bubble? Is it part of a Ponzi scheme? Our answer is NO to both concerns.

Another false flag

Sure looks like it. Instead of following mainstream media and wailing about the awfulness of guns, etc., several articles are asking the key question: “Cui Bono?” (Who benefits?)

Bill Still cites details in this video report that seem to paint Paddock as a patsy shooter, who got off only a few of the estimated 2400 rounds that were fired (with the rest potentially coming from a second shooter on the 4th floor) and who was then killed to keep him from talking.