Repeal repealed

The Graham-Cassidy attempt to overturn Obamacare appears on its way to defeat this week thanks to two GOP Senators: John McCain, a bought-and-paid-for globalist dedicated to doing whatever he can to keep America in the swamp; and Rand Paul, a well-intentioned but very naïve individual who thinks that association plans will make us well.

On the ropes?

Obamacare may be on its way to the dustbin of history. Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, working with Rick Santorum, have cobbled together a medical proposal aimed at replacing the Affordable Care Act. Their concept is built around block grants, which would allow individual states to craft their own plans.

Whatever happened to the SDR?

Nothing, says Jim Rickards. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been working diligently to accommodate the Chinese renmimbi in its special drawing rights currency basket: the new currency allocation is now 42% dollars, 31% euros, 11% renmimbi, 8% yen and 8% pounds.