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Change of Venue

We’re sending our blog to blog heaven. After years in publication, I’m shutting it down.

The reason: there is so much going on these days I cannot ...

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Dreamers in Limbo

Trump announced his support for an amnesty bill drafted by Sen Chuck Grassley, which contains “four pillars of a White House Framework:” a lasting ...

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Congress developed and the President signed a bloated bipartisan two-year spending deal, loaded with “pork” and lauded by Trump as containing ...

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With over 30 years experience in the financial industry

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Starting in 2009, I spent the better part of 2 years researching and documenting the underlying causes for the near collapse of the global economy in 2008. One result was my book, But What If I’m Right?

Following the publication of But What If I’m Right?, I have become even more finely attuned to what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes. My free blog, the Financial Survivalist Letter subscription newsletter (coming soon) and other services we offer are a result of this continuing research. We provide a comprehensive and accurate source of information that can be utilized by busy people who need a better understanding and specific information and ideas.


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  • Have you ever wondered why we can’t solve our problems at home? Wayne’s book will wake you up—and you won’t be happy. This isn’t a hoard water and toilet paper and own a few guns and lots of ammunition’ kind of book. This book concentrates on how to preserve wealth. Get his book. You won’t be sorry.

    Retired Airline Pilot & Writer

    If you are concerned with safeguarding your family and financial assets during the coming turbulent times, you can’t do better than arm yourself with Wayne Peterson’s insightful and fact-filled peek into the future.

    New York Times Best Selling author of Rule by Secrecy and Population Control

  • Wayne Peterson has been my trusted financial advisor for over 20-years (1926-2012).

    American author, salesman, & motivational speaker